46 thoughts on “Google Stadia – Inside Gaming Review”

  1. “500 down is good. It’s really good.”

    True, but you’re conflating bandwidth with latency. They’re two different things.

    You can think of bandwidth as lanes on a highway. The more lanes you have, the more cars (bits) you can fit. Latency (ping) is the speed at which those cars (bits) are traveling on the highway which is more important when it comes to input lag.

  2. Listen… I know everyones experience will be different. The service just came out. Have that been said… "Inside Gamnig" you should fire your I.T people. Listening to all of your issues, compaired to my experience, makes me wonder. We have two homes where I have a Site-to-Site VPN between home number one and two with all of the Internet traffic leaving Home number ones link. I've been playing Destiny 2 at the 2nd home, over Wi-Fi, over the site-to-site tunnel, and out to the google nodes. And… with that I've had no input lag, pixelation, or screen tearing. Stop buying cheap network gear, and level up. Or… just complain about it. gotta get those views!

  3. Latency isn't the same thing as throughput. You can have a decent throughout but if the nearest server is far enough away you'll always get latency. The two are decoupled.

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