Google Stadia Lag Review: Latency of PC vs. Browser, Chromecast, & Controller

We’re back to review Google Stadia for “lag,” or the input latency/response timing on PC, Chromecast, a local PC, and with its Stadia controller wired vs. wireless.
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CORRECTION: Google Stadia doesn’t use Navi, but rather Vega Radeon Pro cards! Sorry for the error and thanks for catching it!

Watch our Day 1 “Review As A Real Consumer” of Google Stadia here:
And our Google Stadia controller tear-down here:

In this benchmark, we’re testing some games in Google Stadia for the click-to-response time in milliseconds, particularly as compared to a local PC. Part of the testing is to look at the Chromecast Ultra, one of the included extras with the $130 Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, and the other part looks at the controller. Note that, obviously, we used our other controller (we bought two), not the one that was torn down previously.

Testing includes Mortal Kombat 11 click-to-response time (‘latency’ or ‘lag’), Thumper, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Metro: Exodus without any RTX features.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman
Additional Reporting: Jake Henderson


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48 thoughts on “Google Stadia Lag Review: Latency of PC vs. Browser, Chromecast, & Controller”

  1. ddr ace actually has an amount of frame delay of a few frames which is weird but i think people adjust.

    i think with a good connection, stadia is usable, but connection consistency doesnt exist, and thats why stuff like fighting games has a super large presence as a local play genre, not online

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