Google STADIA Latency TEST Review… at my parents house!

Today we test Google Stadia’s latency gameplay at my house & my parents’ house as part of my full STADIA review.
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34 thoughts on “Google STADIA Latency TEST Review… at my parents house!”

  1. I think that for a system that is very new Stadia does a pretty good job. Especially since Google does not really do a ton of gaming stuff.

    I would wait about a year and see what Stadia is like after they have had some time to work out the kinks.

    About the payment scheme. I can't speak for others but personally I chose to buy the Founders Edition for a couple reasons. The first was that I am curious to try out this streaming service and see what it is like. I also got Stadia partly for the controller and the Chromecast Ultra.

    I did not go into this expecting a highly polished product with zero glitches/bugs. I actually did not expect the games I tried to work as well as they did.

    My computer has a latency of 30ms on the GCPing website and 98Mbs on the speed test app. I would note that I already own Tomb Raider so I chose to buy it for $10 on Stadia since I am familiar with playing the game on PC. I then played Tomb Raider for about an hour using keyboard and mouse and did not notice any compression artefacts or input lag issues. While playing I did notice a split second stutter about 2 or 3 times while playing through the prologue. One of them times it happened when I turned quickly around and moved in a different direction then I had been going (I am guessing I did something the game did not expect).

    Overall I think the system itself works pretty well in my own personal experience. Even with the potential for stuttering every once in a while I think that the streaming service is well worth it, especially when the base subscription comes out next year. To me this service is not designed to be used by folks that already have relatively modern graphics cards and is instead meant for those who would rather spend their money on other things instead of buy a graphics card for several hundred bucks.

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