How Destiny 2 became my new Favorite Game – Review

When I first started playing Destiny 2, I wasn’t all too impressed with it for various reasons I’ll make sure to mention in this video. Nowadays though, it is pretty much the only game that I’m playing and I want to share with everyone what happened while at the same time letting you know what to expect if you are also thinking about giving it a try.




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38 thoughts on “How Destiny 2 became my new Favorite Game – Review”

  1. 26:48 New light players weren't a part of the world when old content was being played. This is an evolving universe and time moves on just like in real life. I would have loved to see the world during the 1930s, but I wasn't alive then. So, that experience is impossible for me to have.

  2. I think players get way too caught up in playing "efficiently" leveling. I know it's harder to play certain activities at a lower power lvl but lvling fast isn't the best way to play Destiny. Yes most of the story is a bit cliche but it's pretty good and looks amazing. Curse of Osiris isn't the greatest DLC, in fact every time I'm doing strikes and come across something in the Infinite Forest I straight up go back to orbit. But that's because I did all of the Mercury forge weapons and got Perfect Paradox. Even in the worst DLC, there's good stuff. No it won't give you power gear but it's worth doing. The forge weapons look unique and are still viable even though they have static rolls. I love helping players I encounter to do things. I can't count how many random messages I've gotten on the tower asking me to help with nightfalls or the Whisper/Spindle quest or anything. And they're really good people. I have a small clan of like 5 buddies but we love to help each other and other guardians out there. 2 Orb Chumps, most of us play on PC but 1 of us mostly plays PS4. I'm gonna get a PS4 soon and maybe an XboxOne to play with some more friends.

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