Indivisible | Review in 3 Minutes

CORRECTION: The Nintendo Switch version of Indivisible was incorrectly stated as available now. The release is still TBD.

Elijah Beahm reviews Indivisible, developed by Lab Zero Games.

Indivisible on Steam:

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49 thoughts on “Indivisible | Review in 3 Minutes”

  1. you can block every attack from the worm, what are you talking about? this guy played through the whole game without learning the timed block healing mechanic? fucking HOW?

  2. My gripe is combat balance. Aoe is king in this game. Attacks in general do similar damage so in order to progress a decent pace and not have fights last forever you need roster capable of hitting multiple enemies in a combo. Problem is there is only handful of heros that do this and none that i found that group up enemies together either through dragging together or toss one to another. The best way to solve this is to have characters get alternative attacks as you progress their story that provide more utility when handling multiple enemies.

  3. To be fair, Super Neptunia RPG has platforming bits, but they aren't punishing at all. Compare that to Valkyrie Profile 1 and 2, where somewhat challenging puzzle platforming is REQUIRED in some areas, if you want to find certain save points inside dungeons.

    Gris has painless platforming. Did anyone ever complain about the platforming in that one?

    Not every platformer has "frustrating" challenges worthy of comment in a review.

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