Instant Replay [Maker Update #132] –

This week on Maker Update, a Nintendo made from wood, painting with Skittles, a photochromic clock, a camera that looks into the past, and a cabinet for curing 3D prints.
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++Show Notes [Maker Update #132]++
-=Project of the Week=-
I Made a Nintendo NES out of Wood by David Picciuto
-=More Projects=-
Skittle Pixel8r By JohnO3
Photochromic & Glow-in-the-Dark Clock By mosivers
How to Make an SLA Finishing Station by I Like to Make Stuff
Record the last seven seconds of everything you see by Johan Link
DiResta Welding Tips
A look back at 10 years of BeetleCam
Long Reach Permanent Marker via Jordan Bunker
Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge this Sunday 7/21
Alameda Mini Maker Faire 8/11
-=Product Spotlight=-
New Raspberry Pi 4B and the old Pi 3B+ Functional Comparison
Get the Pi 3B+ from Digi-Key
Get the Pi 4B from Digi-Key
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7 thoughts on “Instant Replay [Maker Update #132] –”

  1. i love digi-key, but 18€ for shipping to europe (GER) are you serious? Arent there other options for cheaper but longer shipping (the chinese can do that too) or are there plans to make a warehous in europe?

  2. Curving plywood is gold! I don’t know why I never ever thought of that – I do something similar in cardboard all the time! Less than a minute and this already paid off huge! Thanks Donald.

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