40 thoughts on “Intellivision – Add composite video, review 2 new games.

  1. My guess is the modulator is acting as a parallel resistor, so connecting a 75Ω resistor between the video & ground, in parallel to your circuit, will likely solve the problem.
    Side note: a similar problem can happen with broadcast monitors that have a video passthrough, & a terminator plug is necessary there measured at 75Ω

  2. I had this issue when drawing video and audio directly from the chips on another mod and had to add a 75ohm resistor to get the picture right

  3. I recall a company was selling a stick-on joystick for the Intellivison back in the day. Never needed one myself, as I was a pro…

  4. Getting better pictures out of old computers is always a fun challenge, I recently used an Amiga A520 RF adaptor to gut & use the DB23 connector to connect a SCART cable (Smug Mode Enabled) to connect my A600 up to my TV, and the picture quality over Composite is absolutely amazing on my LCDTV… 😀

    I put all the wiring back inside the shell of the A520 so it looks sort of original, aside from the big black cable poking out the back where the RF connector used to be and the audio wires sticking out through the "Audio In" hole… 😛

  5. I always click on these videos thinking i'm just going to listen to the intro music and move on. Next thing you know its been 3 hours and on a separate tab i'm looking up the cost of a Commodore 64.

  6. My jaw was on the floor with that DotC gameplay – looked absolutely sumptuous! I'd have sold a kidney for a game like that back in the day.

  7. Ummmmm no, it doesn't play the "same" games… There are games from INTV 1 that will NOT play on the INTV 2. A lot of Coleco and Mattel's education titles come to mind.

  8. Those overlays for the controller are like a crappier version of the Wii U controller how the center of it changes depending upon what game you're playing

  9. if you could remove the rf modulator i would go with a 3.5mm av jack like they do on new tv's and raspberry PI and no holes to drill

  10. Your voice…is it by nature, by practice, or the product of being a computer geek? You sound like a early 80s voice modular.

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