Is the Nintendo Switch Lite ACTUALLY Worth It!!? 【Dr's Review】

Hey Guys as promised I am back 24 hours later (28 hours actually by the point of upload :))
If you have never owned a Switch or Switch Lite, I don’t recommend buying the Switch Lite because you are ultimately missing out on part of the experience the Switch has to offer, that initial difference in price is probably not worth the missing main features like docked mode for first time switch owners out there.
However, if you already know what you are after, it is a solid piece of hardware when not compared to the Switch V2.
I will giveaway the Switch Lite on the given condition so please like, subscribe and share it with anyone that might find it interesting!
Even if we don’t hit the mark, I’ll give out something else, a video game at the very least!
I do realise I’m a bit wordy in this video, I’ll try my best to work on that 🙂
Catch you guys in the next one!


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18 thoughts on “Is the Nintendo Switch Lite ACTUALLY Worth It!!? 【Dr's Review】

  1. I agree. I returned my switch lite. I couldn't justify playing it and my V2. I've never docked my OG nor the V2, that being said the V2 is my go 2.

  2. I mean I think this case is scenario based too. I think the portability kinda is the whole point for this system which really beats the switch imo. I don't own a switch lite but I heard that playing in different positions for the lite is much better. Hopefully I can speak from experience after this giveaway XD

  3. I love how much stuff you have on your wall!!! I’m extremely jealous of all the games and figures you have! A mark of a true gamer. I hope that you keep making videos because they are extremely informative and fun! I was thinking about buying the original switch with better battery life and I had the opportunity to do so but the company (called game island shop ) I bought it from ended up scamming me out of 200 American Dollars. They used a separate pay system called Zella that is backed by a lot of different banks so people think it’s safe to use. The problem is that if you send money over Zella, and the company is a scam, your bank will not be able to get you the money back. My bank is Wellsfargo and I made a claim but they said I won’t be able to get the money back. I’ll leave a link to a article about Zella. Even if I don’t get the switch from the give away, just being able to let people know about Zella is good enough because people aren’t aware of it. With the game island shop they change products regularly to get different people in so they can scam them. Right now they don’t have the Nintendo switch on their website but I do have screenshots of most of the process of ordering it. Since the new Switch Lite has come out, I’ve fallen head over heels with the colors and how small and compact it is. I’ve played on my friends original switch and it’s just too bulky for me. I’m someone who grew up loving the DS Lite and since that’s only in hand held mode, I don’t think I’d be missing much if I didn’t get the regular switch. That being said, I am going to try and save up to get a switch and hopefully one of them will go on sale for Black Friday. Thank you for doing the giveaway and I thought that I might as well give it a shot. I hope that your channel keeps growing! Here’s the link about the Zella info to back up my earlier statements:

  4. Came from last video! Had to keep up w content! Shared with some game geeks i know , including me 🖤 hope i win! Good luck everyone

  5. I'm more of a hand held gal cause I am use to playing hand held games to myself. Please be safe and careful too. Have a good day, night or afternoon.

  6. Would you consider giving Switch lite as a birthday present to me? 😊
    Although I have to say that you may not be able to get out according to your standards😂

  7. I agree you have to first try the OG Switch to experience all its features. The switch lite is mostly for people who is always on the go and travel lite 🙂

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