Is the Nintendo Switch Lite ACTUALLY Worth It!!? 【Dr's Review】

Hey Guys as promised I am back 24 hours later (28 hours actually by the point of upload :))

If you have never owned a Switch or Switch Lite, I don’t recommend buying the Switch Lite because you are ultimately missing out on part of the experience the Switch has to offer, that initial difference in price is probably not worth the missing main features like docked mode for first time switch owners out there.

However, if you already know what you are after, it is a solid piece of hardware when not compared to the Switch V2.

I will giveaway the Switch Lite on the given condition so please like, subscribe and share it with anyone that might find it interesting!

Even if we don’t hit the mark, I’ll give out something else, a video game at the very least!

I do realise I’m a bit wordy in this video, I’ll try my best to work on that 🙂

Catch you guys in the next one!


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