It’s a Wonderful World Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at a futuristic civilization card game!

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23 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful World Review – with Tom Vasel”

  1. I would work with an A deck and B deck to have the high point cards come up later. Once you’ve played the game 2 or 3 times (and it plays fast, so your quickly through that), you will know what mix of cards you might expect to see. So no issue there as far as I’m concerned.
    The solo mode is also quite fun and thought through. Each round you get a 5 card deck (twice) and you either use those cards to construct them or as resources, or you discard 2 to draw 5 cards from the stack, of which you can keep 1 to use, offering a lot more choices.
    If this convinced you, then you might also want to look into finding the Kickstarter Heritage Edition which comes with 2 campaigns of 5 scenarios each.

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