Justice for Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order – The Review

Jedi Fallen Order is a solid game… but i cannot shake the feeling that despite major flaws it is being held up as a symbol of success in the reclamation of the star wars license from the incompetence of EA.

This optimism is understandable… but the game should be accurately discussed when it comes to progression, map design, and cosmetics.












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42 thoughts on “Justice for Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order – The Review”

  1. What even is worth $60 anymore all I here is that something is not worth $60 but it’s not like we’re going to get a god of war or something Every month I mean that would be great but people just need to start lowering their judgment

  2. I feel the same way about "The Outer Worlds". I think I like Fallen Order more than you did, as I'd give it a solid 7. I've enjoyed the story so far, the fighting is ok, the music is very fitting, and I enjoy the basic platforming far more than I thought I would.

    Much like Outer Worlds though, I think the absence of decent games like this outside of the occasional Playstation title, neither is great imo. Both lack enough types of enemies and could have added a bunch of things to make them better games.

    This game would have benefitted so much from a deeper progression system and foot-steps/an arrow to keep you on the right track. Both of those things drove me nuts and really hurt the game imo. I don't want fast travel in this game. Let me wander like a moron, but I'm a Jedi, I shouldn't be getting lost because I went down a slide, didn't recognize an area immediately, just to take a side path and end up further from my ship than I wanted. I know there are _"shortcuts", _ but I don't want to get lost looking for them. It isn't the end of the world, but wondering around the same 5 main rooms for an hour bc you are missing something dumb is unneeded.

    Then the progression/rewards. I 100% agree. Why the lightsaber parts have zero impact on anything is beyond me. I know EA hates investing in CRPG's, and their last one was, well pretty not good (Andromeda), but this game just begs for a KotOR lvl/skill/equipment system. Idc what my lightsaber looks like all that much if it does the exact same thing. I think the best looking outfit is the starter gear. The pochos are horrid. When did Jedi ponchos become a thing?

    Just like Outer Worlds, I really do like it, I just think it could have been much more. Obsidian worked wonders with a double A budget, and Fallen Order is good for what it is, and great for an EA single player game, but like you said, just because it is not bad does not put it in a KotOR or OG Battlefront class of game.

    Oh, the funny face comment. I swear, I was on the ship, and moved a certain way and then back. The way the head, neck and eyes seemed to move, almost lolling just a bit off, I actually started humming "Mon Cheri Amore" by Stevie Wonder. I do like the overall graphics, but I know what you mean about the lead's and everyone else's face. Something is just off. The eyes are way off on one, the lips on another, the jaw on the next. Kinda weird.

    I wish EA went all in on this game, as I think it could have been great with some minor additions. I honestly got the feeling numerous times that EA is rooting for this game to do poorly so they can say "See, ppl don't want games like this". I do think it's a "buy", but am not sure why anyone with access to EA Origin would purchase it, as $5 bucks for the first month of Premiere is an absolute steal, and 25 hours in game is counted as a purchase by their metrics, so though I feel it is an ok buy at $60 USD, it's more like a $39.99 value _TO ME, _ and an absolute steal for a month of Origin Premiere Accesse. I do hope it does well, as like I said, working the fighting and platforming into a KotOR-like game would be fantastic…as would adding that arrow or TW3 footsteps so you're never really lost. And wow, stealth sure would have been a nice option!

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