LG E9 OLED TV Review: Impressive Sound + HGIG for HDR Gaming Explained

We review the LG E9 OLED TV which is a step-up model from the C9, and explain the new [Dynamic Tone Mapping] “HGIG” option added since firmware 04.70.05.

Features include a picture-on-glass design and improved sound quality.

Our review sample is the 55-inch LG OLED55E9PLA which is the UK 3-pin plug version.

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42 thoughts on “LG E9 OLED TV Review: Impressive Sound + HGIG for HDR Gaming Explained”

  1. I would love to get this TV but I am holding out for a larger than 65" set. Is there any possibility of a 75" or even a 85" version of this set in the foreseeable future? Thanks!

  2. HDTV test, Nvidia launched a driver for their RTX Gpu's allowing GSync compatibility allowing extra low latency and no screen tearing. Any chance you could test that on this LG E9? Also you'll have to upgrade the OLeD's firmware too.

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