LG just made the Best Monitor of 2019 – 27GL850 Review

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LG’s claim that their new UltraGear lineup of gaming monitors sport 1ms pixel response time is pretty alluring, especially since they already have high refresh rate (144Hz), Adaptive-Sync variable refresh rate, and Nano Cell accurate colors! Check it out here:

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More info on LG’s site – LG Nano IPS 1ms GtG 27GL850:

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33 thoughts on “LG just made the Best Monitor of 2019 – 27GL850 Review”

  1. You should review the upcoming Viewsonic XG270QG. They're claiming it will have 10-bit capability, 98% DCI P3, 1ms GTG response time and a 165 Hz refresh rate. I feel like I'm gonna need an exorcist from all the ghosting.

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