Malidens500+650mg | AcetaminophenTablets |बुखार और दर्द के लिए रामबाण,Use,SideEffect[MedicalJankari]

Namaskar dosto,
Aaj ki is video main jankari di hai Malidens500/650mg k bare maine jo abbott ki brand medicine main se ek medicine hai ! Contains ki bat kare to isme acetaminophen 500 / 650mg maine hr medical shop pe mil jata hai ! Mrp iske ₹9 ki mil jate hai or ye analgesic and antipyretic medicine ! Or best medicine hai or is video maine ise ki use,Sideeffect,dose ki jankari apko di hai !umeed h apko ye jankari ache lagegi !
Thanku so much!
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