43 thoughts on “MOQI i7S – Review – The Best Gaming Phone

  1. Quick Summary Review TL;DW

    MOQI i7S is easily the best ACTUAL gaming phone in existance right now. My biggest problems with the device are the large formfactor and poor camera quality. If Snail could fix these two points, it would be insanely easy to recommend. If these two points sound like deal breakers, it would be wise to skip.

    3:10 – Performance Considerations

    5:15 – Build Quality

    6:10 – Battery / SIM / MicroSD

    7:10 – T-Mobile Speed Test

    7:56 – Battery Life

    9:10 – Call of Duty Gameplay

    16:45 – PSP Emulation

    20:08 – Gamecube Emulation

    Camera Quality Test – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHOfW4p1PRw

  2. man i think you have not heard of ASUS ROG 2 phone which having game pad controller as an accessories and also having dedicated fan in the phone to cool things up

  3. They are not gaming phone that would beva honor play or a r.o.g. thats a emu hand-held console vita dose the same thing but better.

  4. You make great videos. Thanks man.

    I've got a question for ya – do you think the joysticks could be replaced with 3DS-XL style joysticks in any way? I'm pretty sold on this device if so. The pocket-catching thing you mentioned is a dealbreaker for me.

  5. k/d vs bots. im also getting the same kda/ but it makes me feel if im going against more than players. played this on the note 8, GPD XD plus, probably the best choice is the galaxy tab s6

  6. I don't understand why companies moved away from slide out mechanics. I thought that was going to be the big thing is combining that tech with the smart tech. Like you said, if put a beautiful high res touch screen with a slide out controller setup.

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