MSI ALPHA 15 REVIEW – World’s 1st 7nm AMD Gaming Laptop !

Powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 3750h and AMD Navi RX5500m GPU I test the MSI Alpha 15.
I showcase what’s in the box, I show you around the laptop, 3750h and RX5500m thermals, as well as some benchmarks.
I will do a separate gaming comparison video.

Available on Amazon:
$1099 144 Hz / 512 GB / 16GB RAM:
$999 120 Hz / 512GB / 8GB RAM:
$1299 144Hz / 1TB SSD / 32GB RAM:
$1419 144 Hz/ 2TB SSD / 32GB RAM:

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25 thoughts on “MSI ALPHA 15 REVIEW – World’s 1st 7nm AMD Gaming Laptop !”

  1. I am disappointed by how the cpu is bottlenecking the 5500m but not as disappointed as I am with that bird emblem. Wonder who in msi thought that bird logo would be a good idea.

  2. MSI need unlocked CPU power limit from 35w to 45w fo r7 3750h to max powerful.. I'm sure r7 3750h can get CB15 score 805

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