MSI GS75 Gaming Laptop Review – Thin and Powerful?

The MSI GS75 is a new 17 inch gaming laptop with some powerful specs in a thinner chassis, but is it worth it? In this detailed review we’ll look at everything from gaming performance, thermal testing, battery life and more to help you decide if the GS75 is a gaming laptop you should consider buying.

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i7-8750H + RTX 2060:
i7-8750H + RTX 2070 Max-Q:
i7-8750H + RTX 2080 Max-Q (featured in this video):
New 9th gen models:

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i7-8750H + RTX 2080 Max-Q (featured in this video):

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25 thoughts on “MSI GS75 Gaming Laptop Review – Thin and Powerful?”

  1. Was planning on getting the MSI GS75 Stealth model 249 (core i7-9750H, 32gb memory, rtx 2060, 512 gb SSD) at $2199.99, the MSI GS65 Stealth model 422 (core i7-9750H, 32gb memory, rtx 2070 max q, 512 gb SSD) at $2390.00, or the Razorblade 15 (core i7-9750H, 32gb memory, rtx 2060, 512 gb SSD) at $2000.00, and I was hoping for some insight from your experience with these machines in comparison to each other. I plan on keeping my laptop for the next 5 years minimum, I’m currently a computer science student so it would be used mostly for programming but I plan to do some “light” gaming on the side, such as fortnite, call of duty, and forza as well. I’m trying to find the best fit for me but it’s extremely difficult considering they’re all very alike. Do you have any recommendations or comments that could help me move in a direction to make my decision? Also, I’m willing to wait until Black Friday sales role around if that’s of any importance.

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