Naruto Mobile – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – Might Guy

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JustSpawn –
火影忍者-官方正版 (Naruto Mobile) by Tencent Mobile Games
Will fire, fighting renewed! Perfect support replaykit record screen sharing, 3D Touch function.
“Naruto” hand tour as Tencent genuine Naruto fighting hand travel by Bandai Namco authorization, Masashi Kishimoto led by Shueisha and other copyright side joint supervision, Tencent game cube studio group of independent research and development from the micro-channel / Hands Q platform released simultaneously.
“Naruto” hand tour 100% orthodox restore the original story, players can play in any Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara and other ninjas, ninja fighting experience hearty and full of esoteric even hit the big move, in addition, can freely gather popular ninja, team checkpoints, real-time experience ninja PK, together will rekindle the fire in the fighting in!
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