NHL Review: November 23rd Evening Games

That’s it for another crazy night of hockey in the NHL.

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24 thoughts on “NHL Review: November 23rd Evening Games”

  1. Good for Barrie, Kerfoot is dead to me. Gru has to get his head straight and what's the status with Captain Landi and Lt Calvert?

  2. One of these days the Avalanche will show up for a full game. It's depressing to watch them squander opportunities against shitty teams constantly. They can never score on the man advantage but always seem to let the other team score with the advantage. Confidence in the Avs right now is shaky as it looks like they're heading for another 5+ game losing streak.

  3. dont forget the oilers also scored another goal that should have counted. Ridiculous how fast the ref was blowing the whistle for Mcflurry. Literally the second a puck hits him they blew the whistle

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