OMG Mandalorian Episode 3 Is The Game Changer! – Review

The Mandalorian Episode 3 “The Sin” – Andy Signore’s Review

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34 thoughts on “OMG Mandalorian Episode 3 Is The Game Changer! – Review”

  1. What if at the end we find out that ALL Mandalorians are FEMALES–like the Amazons. Maybe they wear the helmets and voice changers to conceal this fact? Boba Fet was a GIRL? Remember everything in the EU is LEGEND, so maybe even the OT are mythical which would explain why Rey and that black dude did not believe in Luke Skywalker and the FORCE. Oh, My God, I think I have just cracked this mystery. Also, I have heard that a Jedi is going to save the little kid in the flashback, and what if that Jedi is the way they intend to introduce Bree Larson into Star Wars? Every example you gave of 'connections' between Yo-Baby and Mando can be explained by the MATERNAL INSTINCT. Also, the way Mando reacted to seeing the Jawas destroy the EGG (baby Wooly Rhino) can also be explained by Maternal instinct.

  2. There is something that does not make logical sense. When the Mandalorian walks out with Baby yoda and all of the bounty hunters come after him, why did they not all come after him before he got to the Client and take baby Yoda? This does not make sense. Why are they all ruthless now and not before? One reason that would make this make sense is that the forbe transmission was somehow turned off …another reason could be that all the bounty hunters were told to let Mando pass…This leaves questions but it feels more like a mistake on the writers part was made

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