Pokémon Sword & Shield – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is the 8th generation of Pokémon a shining step forward for the franchise? Or is a dull affair that misses the mark? Find out in our review of Pokémon Sword & Shield!


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42 thoughts on “Pokémon Sword & Shield – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

  1. 6.40 "if you're able to go into this game unspoiled youll love finding the new Pokémon"

    While showing a number of new Pokémon…

  2. You're saying I should buy used, got it.
    Btw, although I disagree with the score, this was a good review, put IGN and gamespot to shame. Gj

  3. So they got rid of most of my favorite pokemon, kill megas (my favorite feature) this game could have been released for nintendo wii and that seriously bothers me pokemon company makes a ton of money every time they make some new pokemon crap and yet they can't make a decent open world game and have better graphics than n3ds or even pokemon showdown!

  4. Why are people so butt blasted about this game? It's not even bad. People complain about dexit; there's too many pokemon running around. People complain about cut moves/pokemon in the competitive scene; most of the jank is gone. It feels more like they trimmed the fat more than anything.

  5. Can you have multiple save files for a physical cartridge? Like let's say I beat the game on my own switch, and my friend wanted to play it, could he have a separate save file for his own switch using my copy of the game?

  6. Looks at Pokemon USUM, XY, Monster Hunter Stories and Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition Catridges

    Yup, I'll stick with these still.

  7. 10 min in and the cutscenes already make this game feel like sun and moon . I hated sun and moon. Hop reminds me of hau. Gamefreak was lazy with this game.

  8. The old animations and the way they make things look while fighting annoys the heck out of me. I played this since the start and I am done with the old visuals while fighting.
    Look @12:16
    Sirfetch'd uses peck and hits the enemy
    The enemie hp goes to 0, but it stays just standing as if nothing happened!
    Then the game said it's super effective (and critical hit) and after that it said the opposing Hitmontop faints
    and THEN the Pokemon visually faints.
    Why does that still have to be so weird? Why can't the Pokemon just faint immediately after the hit?

    It's 2019, can we please do this more 'realistic' and make the game more smooth feeling instead of an old 1999 turn based rpg?

  9. I’ve played all the Pokemon games and limitations of the handhelds like Game Boy and 3DS always made me lenient with Game Freak. But now on the Switch this kinda of graphics and mechanics is outrageous specially when I can play Witcher 3 and Doom on my Switch. Fuck Game Freak, they are lazy fucktards and this game looks pathetic all around. That is not the Pokemon we wanted for the Switch.

  10. Just got the game and not enjoying it so far sadly. Very laggy and a lot of glitches plus characters just vanishing … it’s like they didn’t try with the game. Also the over use of Hau’s excited animation bothers me..

  11. The graphics , the lack of animation, the fps , the pop ins …ect the list is endless . Its half assed with half the pokemon . This game should be reviewed appropriately

  12. So they restart development on Metroid because it was not ambitious enough (so glad they did) but somehow this falls through the cracks? C’mon!

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