Razer Junglecat Android Game Controller Review – Switch Like Experience for Smartphones

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Razer just launched an Android smartphone game controller that looks and feels a lot like a Nintendo Switch in portable mode. Compatibility is limited unfortunately and I wish the fit was a little tighter. See more game controllers: and subscribe!

00:37 – Hardware Overview
00:40 – Price
00:45 – Phone Compatibility
01:17 – Attaching to Phone
02:00 – Buttons
03:04 – Mounting Bracket
03:32 – Battery Life
03:42 – No Charging Cables
04:14 – Connection
04:47 – Latency
05:39 – Razer Gamepad App
06:05 – Controller Customization
07:14 – No Touchscreen Mapping
07:29 – Gameplay Overview with special guest Jake!
07:53 – Fortnite
08:12 – Marker 23
09:23 – Sonic the Hedgehog
09:48 – Dolphin Emulator
10:12 – PSP Emulator
10:28 – Build Quality
11:00 – Final Verdict
11:45 – Conclusion

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30 thoughts on “Razer Junglecat Android Game Controller Review – Switch Like Experience for Smartphones”

  1. Good idea. Unfortunately bad implementation and for a very small portion of the phones in the market. This one is destined to flop. Hopefully next Gen will be better.
    Nice to finally see Jake on camera!

  2. Glitch in the video at 3:34. As for the device itself should have gone with a clamp design with USB-C on 1 controller to power your phone with a built in battery while playing put the sticks in the right spots and charged less

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