Red Magic 3S Review – Fan Cooled SD855+ 90hz Gaming Phone

Nubia Red Magic 3S full review, the fan-cooled SD855+ 8GB Android gaming phone with two shoulder triggers, 48MP Sony IMX586 main camera and 90hz AMOLED screen. Info & where to buy:

03:46 – Screen
05:10 – ROM & Benchmarks
08:30 – Audio
10:00 – Battery life
10:38 – Game mode & gaming
13:38 – Cameras with samples
16:15 – Final thoughts
16:41 – Pros & Cons

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29 thoughts on “Red Magic 3S Review – Fan Cooled SD855+ 90hz Gaming Phone

  1. Interesting. Cheap alternative for gaming phone. But i trust Asus more in gaming category than ZTE simply because they had more experience there. Also ROG 2 seems more premium in design.

    Camera is not that bad as i thought. But it gets the job done with cheaper price tag . Hope more of these devices to come out soon for competition.

  2. Cool phone but without a good camera, I just rather buy a switch and get REAL games and not feel compelled to upgrade every year to keep up to date.

  3. Got the red magic 3 until last week and on that same week I got the ROG Phone 2. I prefer the Red Magic 3 in gaming because it didn't get so hot even if I was playing all day long max is 39-40°c because of its fan maybe whilst the ROG Phone 2 already got so very hot in just an hour 40-44°C. But in other aspects the ROG is just better.

  4. This is the format I've been waiting for. I just prefer how this channel do the full details pretty much every bit is covered well.

  5. The only downfall for me, is lack of NFC support. Something I use regularly when paying for items.

    Also, wonder if you can map buttons to COD Mobile? That game doesn't officially support controllers yet and can get you banned. But support is coming.

  6. The problem with smartphone gaming manufacturers is that they don't understand that people want a good proper smartphone as well as some gaming.

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