Seahawks beat the Bucs in overtime! Post-Game Review! (NorbCam Reacts)

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The Seahawks beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40-34 and improve to 7-2, but the team has major issues at defense and in the kicking game. How will Seahawks handle the undefeated 49ers on Monday Night Football next week? I discuss this and more with the Nick and Noah from KGRG radio! Let’s talk about this and whatever’s on your mind!

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Nick Creasia: @nick_creasia
Calvin Domingo: @steezy_way

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Who am I & what is NorbCam?
I have two strong passions in my life: The Seattle Seahawks and filmmaking. They both started back in elementary school. 33 years later at an amazing comeback game, my two passions came together when I posted my reaction on YouTube and it changed my life as a Seahawks fan forever! Since then, my Seahawks-themed music videos, comedy shorts about our biggest rivalries, weekly vlogs and game reactions featuring me screaming at the top of his lungs with my camera pointed at my face have been viewed million of times by thousands of fans around the world! And I thank you for being one of them!

I’ve been a Seahawks fan since 1980, when I started watching football, and a season ticket holder since the mid-90s in the Kingdome. My reaction video of the Seahawks’ dramatic win over the 49ers in the 2013-14 NFC Championship game and documentary of their Super Bowl win over the Broncos launched mychannel to new heights. The following year, my video of their miracle win over the Packers in the NFC Championship game went viral on sites like and Yahoo Sports and landed me on an ESPN Sportscenter feature. After our heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl 49, my reaction video of the interception at the one yard blew up and is now the most watched video on my channel. On the positive side, this video led to me being featured in two NFL Films productions: “10 Most Devastating Losses” and “Losing Hurts.”

Charity work:
In 2014, I became friends with “Save Our Seahawks” legend, Mark Collins, and co-founded Fanz 4 Good, dedicated to helping people in need. Every year, we host “Hawk Fest”, an offseason fundraiser. We visit schools around the Puget Sound area to give Seahawks memorabilia and to promote positive messages. During the holiday season, we give $250 and $100 grants to families in need and provide groceries and supplies to families of cancer patients. We raised money to help purchase a wheelchair van for a Seahawks fan who was paralyzed in a devastating car crash. We’ve also raised funds and collected supplies for the homeless and the victims of the destructive forest fires.


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7 thoughts on “Seahawks beat the Bucs in overtime! Post-Game Review! (NorbCam Reacts)

  1. Noah I feel like you don’t believe in Seattle no more and that’s crazy been a fan for years but this year you haven’t believed it us

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