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We’ve put together this quick user guide video to show you how easy getting connected and staying in control with Sesh True Wireless Earbuds actually is.
Looking for more information on how to use your Sesh True Wireless Earbuds? Check out these videos on how to use them:
First Time Pairing:
Using Only One Earbud:
On Board Controls:
Troubleshoot Pairing:
Sesh makes it easy to go truly wireless. With a complete set of easy controls, a price as small as the buds themselves, and our Fearless Use Promise, there’s no reason to hold back.
Sesh True Wireless Features:
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Up to 3 Hours of Battery in Earbuds
Up to 7 Additional Hours of Battery in Charging Case
IP55 Sweat, Water, and Dust Resistant
Call, Track, & Volume Control
Noise Isolating Fit
Micro-USB Charging Cable
3 Sets of Ear Gels (S, M, L)
Fearless Use Promise
2-Year Warranty
About Skullcandy:
Skullcandy is the original lifestyle audio brand. Born on a chairlift and not some corporate office, we’ve changed the game with groundbreaking headphone and earbud tech, like Crusher Immersive Bass headphones and True Wireless Earbuds – Sesh, Indy, and Push, and cult classics, like the Icon and Hesh 3 headphones, Smokin’ Buds earbuds, all so you can go beyond just listening to your music to actually feeling it. Because that’s what music is all about–feeling. Just like slashing through powder or dropping in with your favorite track pumping through your bones.
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49 thoughts on “Sesh True Wireless Earbuds | User Guide | Skullcandy

  1. when using mono, how to forward and volume up since these actions are connected to right earbud and in this situation we will only be using left one ?

  2. I’m sad, randomly one of my earbud isn’t working but the other one is. I don’t see the red light on one. And I just got them

  3. Mine enget mono mode while I'm using them. The tight side will just out of nowhere stop working. Super annoying and cant seem to fix it. Had em for about 2 weeks, just gonna try to take them back.

  4. I Returned Mine Today.. I Was Really Hoping That Either Ear Bud Could Be Used In Mono Mode.. I’ve Yet To Find Earphones With This Capability… #sigh

  5. I'm mad the momo mode doesn't work for the right ear … so now I gotta charge every 3 hours 🤬😤😤😤👉🏿 I work 12

  6. I really wish both sides had the mono mode, that way once the left one dies I can just pop in the right one. But when the left one dies I have to wait for it to charge again before using. If it had mono mode on both I’d say they are a 10/10 product. Because they sound pretty good and they do hold a charge. But the mono mode on both sides is just very needed

  7. Just got a pair from Best Buy, listening to music or YouTube I can confirm that the sounds comes in clear and it also got some bass but had trouble talking on the phone with them, at first I heard the other person muffled but they heard me just fine then I put them back in the case and tried again and they could hear me muffled but I heard them just fine. Something is definitely not working properly, using a Galaxy S9+ not sure if I should just return for a refund or enjoy just audio without any mic interaction and wait for a possible firmware update fix if any.

  8. I got mines yesterday and my left one has been on stuck on solid red it was working fine before but now the left one won’t work at all

  9. So…. what if my left earbud isnt turning on AT ALL? ive charged it fully and scoured the internet for troubleshooting guides. It just refuses to even power on.

  10. This earbuds are 🔥 had Jabra had to get rid of them cuz they sucked this one is awesome great bass and cost is also the best part

  11. Excellent video! Could you please make a similar video with the "Elecder D9 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Sport Headphones 3D Stereo Sound".

  12. I got these today and when i first tried them the left one had this "earrape" sound on vocals and it has not gone away. I use them at about 30% volume on my samsumg s9. Should I return them?

  13. As of right now the website shows it is only available in black. When will the indigo be available. Tried calling and emailing last week yet to have a reply.

  14. Mine are really low 🙁 I can't win with these wireless headphones. I had the Samsung buds they got choppy when I got a new phone. So I bought these and they are so low 🙁 🙁

  15. First day using them and the Left one just stopped working. I have tried everything. I cant even connect the R one to my phone

  16. Hello! I just got my Sesh buds yesterday, and I'm having trouble pairing the right one. The left one works perfect, but the right one I can't get it to pair. I even think that it might not be working at all. When I put it in the case, the red light turns on and off every second for around 5 seconds and then stops. And when I take it out of the case, it doesn't turn any light color on at all. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  17. I wasted my 60 euros on this pile of junk that wouldn’t charge past 90%. Charging takes longer than expected and battery life is atrocious. Customer service is even worse because it doesn’t exist. I’m still waiting for my email to be responded to.

  18. Now if only they could be touch and a dark purple color I’d be happier lol might get these ones too the indys hurt after a few hours hopefully this one solved that and just an idea but instead of having to click for volume up you guys should look into sliding up on a motion headphone bud for vol up and down for a volume down and keep double click right for skip forward and double click left for track back just an idea but who knows it could work 🤷🏻‍♂️

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