17 thoughts on “Sextuplets (movie review) Netflix

  1. I seen that movie the other day. It was crazy! Great work man. I always liked Marlon out of that family. He was always the funniest. Shorty from Scary Movie. Loc Dog from Don't Be A Menace and so on. I loved his show. Hate that it got cancelled so soon. Hope Netflix actually continues that at some point like they did with some other shows. And also what's the deal with us ever getting to see Shawn and Marlon act together in a movie again? Last one I seen they did together was Little Man back in 2006! I'm watching The Wayans Brothers show now and it got me thinking that. Lol

  2. Its a reason everybody says " naaaw i dont know about this one"
    I thought the movie was ass. He was good with the wife in the beginning being serious but throwing the silly in some. Then goes through the movie with dead spots reaching to be funny. How the fuckin pimp twin brother go straight to your job when you're away, right into your office pretending to be you….then walks out in front of everyone, pulls out a knife and yells "where is Linda?!" ….and they point to her office smh. Alan knows where her office is so that whole scene was dumb. Then he goes into her office and she's talking to him like hes Alan. Nigga got a big ass perm and gold tooth but she cant tell the difference. Shit was ass

  3. “It’s work…”words to live by. Great review, the interviews where a interesting part. I had not seen those.

  4. Yall wildin. This shit is terrible. Not to mention, marlons best acting is in A requiem for a dream. Yall gotta get out more and widen your movie horizons. I grew up in a black family like this, hell, we praised Big Mommas and all that stuff but times change. Comedy evolves. This nigga stuck doing comedy from 25 years ago. The minimal amount even reviewing this film shows me how little the legit ratio of people who like it is.
    This aint a black thing, white thing, its a shitty movie thing! Bad jokes, just bad out dated stereotypes we dont need anymore in our community. White folks make just as shitty movies as this. This shit is Soul Plane bad… but im sure thats a classic to us right?

  5. Wow fam! We both made very similar points about this movie 💪🏾💪🏾 U enjoyed it more than me, but I still enjoyed it. 🔥🔥Review my dude!! 👊🏾🍻

  6. Mmmmmm I heard a few ppl say this movie was actually good so I’m gonna check this out. Definitely agree with you with his acting, GI Joe was his best performance to date. Dope review bro!!

  7. I watched it. I think this is his best comedy movie to date. I thought all the characters he did were great. I will watch it again after I send this comment. 😁

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