She-Ra Force Captain Adora Doll Review✨

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8 thoughts on “She-Ra Force Captain Adora Doll Review✨”

  1. The tangent you went on in this video really made me laugh. I completely know what you're talking about, though. It's like in our modern day, everyone is championing women so much in the sense that women can be independent and do whatever men can do, and as a result, women's images both in and out of popular culture have changed. We used to really see the strong, powerful, amazon-type woman, but she was very beautiful and curvaceous, and now, we see more of an emphasis on attributes like muscle definition and fighting prowess. Here's a good example. Compare Rapunzel in this older storybook record to the modern character in _Tangled_. The change in image is just such a drastic one, I find.

  2. Adult collector here (26) just wanted to say I love your channel and I always watch your videos before even the biggest youtubers

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