SINGAPORE Gardens By the Bay | You must visit this! 😍

Gardens By the Bay is the main attraction in Singapore, and it should be the first thing you do when you visit Sinapore. Here you will see the famous supertrees and the beautiful light show at night. Entrance to Garden By the Bay Singapore is free, but there are paid attractions, too. We visited Cloud Forest and really enjoyed it.

Singapor is certainly among the top South east Asia countries everyone should travel to.

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P.S.: The guy who occasionally appears in the vlogs is my husband, Gordon. He is Canadian-American and is extremely shy, that’s why he’s behind the camera most of the time 😉



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24 thoughts on “SINGAPORE Gardens By the Bay | You must visit this! 😍

  1. Beautiful place!! Really Loved it ! Yesterday we went to garden by the bay!! So beautiful n amazing place!! We will return back for universal studio n another amazing n wonderful place!!

  2. Hi Renata, I watched all your Singapore Malaysia videos. And I loved it! Very informative. I’ll be going there in a month. I hope the weather is good. PS. You’re very beautiful 💕

  3. سلام ..
    انا بحاجة لمثل هاته الفيديوهات الي بالانجليزية وعليها ترجمة عربي …
    ياريت الي يعرف قناة تنزل هاذ النوعية يفيدني بيها …

  4. Some free….many not free…..Singapore !….cheap ——————— very very expensive!…… According to your pocket/s…….🙌🙋💪👍💞💖💕💗💜💛💚

  5. I loved your videos and really enjoyed it .thank you a lot for the sharing vlog videos from your youtube chanel.❤️❤️❤️

  6. Renata
    Singapore isn't the tallest Observation Wheel anymore.
    'High Roller' in Las Vegas is the tallest Wheel now ,by 2 metres

  7. Hello
    I want to visit Singapore 🇸🇬
    greet from Saudi Arabia.
    ‎ اريد زيارة سنغافورة 🇸🇬 تحية من السعودية 🇸🇦
    greet to Brazil 🇧🇷 تحية للبرازيل

  8. Really good production! Come back to Singapore soon 🙂 FYI the food prices at the Gardens By the Bay are twice of what you'll find in the heartland areas

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