Skullcandy Indy Wireless Earphones – Epic Trailer

The Skullcanady Indy True Wireless Earbuds are the latest iteration of Skullcandy’s stab at wireless earbuds. They offer a consistent and pleasant overall sound experience, with tons of power in tow. They work for 4hrs on one charge, and the carrying case holds an additional 3 charges for a grand total of up to 16hrs of playback. The ear stabilizer is a curious decision, but it does enable them to fit very snug and securely in your ear, offering great sound isolation – just don’t lose the ear stabilizer, which comes off quite easily. The price is solid and the Bluetooth 5.0 connection offers a stable and uninterrupted sound experience.
Here’s the link:
***Apparently I got a custom link! I am not being compensated for this review, but the review unit was provided by Skullcandy for me to review***
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