26 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Game Review”

  1. Ok here’s my story because I just really need to share it. The unfinished package that this game is is really annoying so quick spoiler warning…

    So I’ve skipped two mini bosses. The two bounty hunters on kashyyk the second time you go there and the droid and jet pack trooper on dathomir. Frankly this didn’t hurt the experience too much I mean I liked feeling like I had a new challenge TJ adapt to to overcome but then they just didn’t spawn in after I respawned which was disappointing but there’s a big one that’s REALLY grinding my gears right now. I’m on taron right now and I love fighting him because him and the ninth sister are fun to fight but I took a break because I was really struggling and when I came back and reopened the game it spawned me in front of the door, closed, so I had to interact with tapal again but the set piece never loaded and at first I thought it was just taking a long time to load because that’s what this game does sometimes but then I started hitting buttons and I could hear cal jumping wielding the lightsaber everything. So it was just a white screen where cal is seemingly jumping around not doing anything. I restarted the game went to different planets turned the entire console on and off and nothing’s worked. I just want to play the game it shouldn’t be too much to ask and I don’t see any stories like this on reddit or anything so it makes me feel like I’m the only one please tell me if you’re having anything like this.
    All this being said I love the game to death but I want to be able progress so I can find out WHAT HAPPENS!!

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