Hey everyone for this review I take on the arena hack and slash game Story of a Gladiator for the Playstation 4. Its also out on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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This game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review

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My reviews are not influenced by any company or individual other then my own opinion. I will never review a game I was paid to check out however I do receive review copies of many games I review and always include in the description if I did receive it as a review copy. My scale is 0 – 10 for a game to get a 10 it must be a once in a generation style of game those that change gaming or have a major impact for years to come. I use the score of 5 to showcase a game that is average in everything that it does. It doesn’t mean the game is bad its just usually one of those very forgettable games. In order for a game to get a 1 or 0 it has to be really truly awful filled with bugs and glitches, super short, way too overpriced, horrible controls, etc.

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13 thoughts on “STORY OF A GLADIATOR – PS4 REVIEW”

  1. I can recommend Bleep Bloop, released today for around 5 dollar. Played 10 levels before I went to sleep. Great music, fun mechanics and a bit tricky. Can also be played with a friend 🙂

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