Superliminal | Review in 3 Minutes

Larryn Bell reviews Superliminal, developed by Pillow Castle Games.

Superliminial on Epic Game Store –

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21 thoughts on “Superliminal | Review in 3 Minutes”

  1. It's a cool game, but unless your favorite puzzle game is Talos Principle, don't expect to be very satisfied by its puzzles. They only scratch the surface of the mechanic, and instead try to do find other gimmicks, which often ends up playing like 3D pixel hunting than puzzle solving. While there are some cool ideas with some puzzles, it really seems like they run out of ideas on this side, especially when most of the puzzles were already in the 2014 prototype.
    It's way more of a Stanley Parable (doing comedy with game design) than a Portal / Antichamber. Problem is, the game tries to mix multiple games but never gets to their respective level.

  2. Great Review. Sounds like my kind of game to pick up on a Steam sale. You could have led with: available on the Epic Games store =(

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