Surprising way to get enough DHA Omega 3 as a vegan

Can vegans and raw vegans get enough DHA type of Omega 3 without relying on expensive supplements?

You can find Rick and Karin Dina’s course “Mastering Raw Food Nutrition” here: To get a big discount, mention The Whole Lifestyle.

Delicious low fat raw vegan cracker recipe is here:

You can track your Omega 3 and other nutrients in the app I used for this video:


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4 thoughts on “Surprising way to get enough DHA Omega 3 as a vegan

  1. Yes, thanks Reny, very important. One major reason for low Omega 3s, is too much Omega 6s. So we should be eating only small amounts of avocado, if any (please don't shoot the messenger). Avocados have a 17:1 ratio of 6-to-3!!! And, yes, too many 6s causes poor ALA-to-DHA/EPA conversion. We do need some 6s so the body can make inflammation when it needs to, but too many 6s and not enough 3s is a recipe for disaster. I speak more on this issue at And I'm not a big fan of flax because

  2. Love this!! Subscribed! I've been vegan for over a year now and it feels great! Would you care to take a look at my content and giving me your opinion? I'd be super grateful! Keep it up 🙂

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