Terminator Resistance Review – A new terminator game :)

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49 thoughts on “Terminator Resistance Review – A new terminator game :)”

  1. I like that they copied a lockpicking system that works instead of reinventing a bad system.

    Tbh looks mediocre but not awful. It looks competent enough but targets a non-hardcore game audience, but fans of the franchise. That's quite alright I'd say. I remember having good fun with a mediocre but alright avatar game when I was little. Reminds me of that. A solid 7/10 for fans, else avoid.

  2. Damn, this game is big pile of shit and you thumb it up 🙂 i played it and you dont really need to shoot anyone, you just run from point to point thats all you do. ITS A CRAP it really is 🙂

  3. This game fucking rocks, finished it last night and had a blast from start to finish.

    If your a Terminator fan this game is essential

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