49 thoughts on “Terminator Resistance Review – A new terminator game :)”

  1. Definitely buying when i get around to it! I just said to my bro they need to make a future war terminator game! Then looked on the store and saw this what a fucking coincidence!! 😃😄 So amazing! T1 & T2 only none of that SJW TRASH FROM T3 ON….

  2. x-ray in games is a crime, i hate most modern gameplay features because they are just anti-immersive (even open world). But it's nice that they have got some things right.
    Sadly you do not get the feeling of fighting against superior and intimidating enemies. That's one of the Terminator core elements, they were super-weapons, not cannon fodder. And that's what i still love about Alien Isolation. Make a game with one Terminator instead of one Alien, then i would buy it.

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