The Divephoria | Group Stage Review and Quarterfinals Prediction (Worlds 2019, Episode 2)

The Divephoria returns to cover Worlds! In this week’s episode, Drakos, Kobe, Phreak and Azael review Group Stage and make their predictions for Quarterfinals.

2:28 Group Stage
– 3:08 FNC vs. RNG
– 11:10 Korea’s performance
– 19:21 NA’s performance
– 29:08 MVP of Group Stage
39:07 Quarterfinals
– 40:21 DWG vs. G2
– 55:11 FPX vs. FNC
– 1:11:13 SKT vs. SPY
– 1:21:52 GRF vs. IG
1:34:19 Twitter questions



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25 thoughts on “The Divephoria | Group Stage Review and Quarterfinals Prediction (Worlds 2019, Episode 2)”

  1. so when worlds started FPX was in theory no1. with G2 out there with SKT there close by and then the other 2 LCK teams (because LCK was much more balanced then LPL where FPX was owning) along side FNC who in theory was very close to G2 and then the 2 LPL teams RNG and IG… so in THEORY FNC was supposed to be stronger then RNG coming into this worlds but the 1-9 record was an issue and RNG got scared of FNC comp and they played safe bot lane with ezreal. That was all there was. Saying that in theory FNC should have been worse then RNG it just proves once again the broadcasters are not prepared. They haven't watched the summers games, they haven't even watched LPL games. Is like how they said RNG was favourite in last worlds and not IG, cause they beat IG in finals, an IG that was owning all summer 2018 split and in more shape then ever. They show us over and over that and over that they are only watching playoffs and finals. If you love this game you will watch at least the highlights once a week from these regions is unbeliveble. Even tough LPL is way stronger then LEC, the order of first 3 teams by the level of their games and potential should be FPX then G2 then FNC.
    Listening more and is unbeliveble. Uzi awsome stats? he was 2nd after Lwx in everything!!! their top was perfoming bad… most LPL teams except FPX had flaws visible in so many levels. RNG plays for uzi and uzi is 2nd or lower in all the stats in ADC in LPL!! and you are considerring in THEORY rng better then fnc? wow what?

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