The Game Changers: Full Review + Dr. Greger’s super hard vegan parlor tricks

Review of the plant-based #vegan documentary The Game Changers, produced by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Should we all go #plantbased? Is #carnivore now debunked? The legendary Dr. Greger shows his genius once again with a super hard vegan parlor trick

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23 thoughts on “The Game Changers: Full Review + Dr. Greger’s super hard vegan parlor tricks”

  1. I want to give a carnivore diet a try,but I already underweigh and affraid if I cut off carbs I lost even more weigh. Can someone who is long enough on carnivore diet give me some tips how to put on weigh on carnivore diet? Or should I go low carb/keto first? Because at the moment I eat high carb,so reducing to zero carb can be shock for brain-so is better to go low carb,before go zero carb or what to do? I realise my health get worse on carbs,but at the same time I don't want to loose any more weigh-in fact I have to gain weigh and don't know how to do on low/without carbs

  2. Man, Tristan, I just had to share this with you. Just had a phone call from my best friend since a child. The guy is an 18 stone beast, the manliest, toughest guy I've ever met an an absolute saint as well. He's just turned vegan because he watched TGC. I nearly dropped the phone. At parts I just wanted to hang up as I couldn't deal with it and didn't have the heart to contradict everything he said. He kept dropping bombs like "science proves people who eat red meat get heart disease etc" and a ton of other stuff I wasn't able to challenge. "You can't argue with the science" he said. Feel like I've just watched the king slip away and not been able to do anything about it other than say best of luck but i disagree with everything you've said. Terrible start to the day.

    I used to be a complex man. Now, all I want is a meat eating woman and to be left alone with our steaks and 'heart-disease' foods.

    Blessings to anyone out there who's feeling dismayed as I am.

  3. That intro is funny, I asked my doctor should I go vegan, and she said no it's not sustainable and it has too many carbs. She recommended keto! Go figure lol

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