The Laymen Couldn’t Disagree More About Pokemon Sword and Shield (Review)

Lamon Gamon!!

The Laymen get pretty heated today discussing the ultimate question…

Is Pokemon in 2019 Gud…


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29 thoughts on “The Laymen Couldn’t Disagree More About Pokemon Sword and Shield (Review)”

  1. IMHO, the games achieved what they set out to do well enough, and I had enough fun.

    Could they have been better overall with more and improved features? Of course, but at this point, I believe anyone buying a Pokémon game knows what they are getting into upfront.

    I'm not saying for people to not ask for more from the Pokémon franchise, but that's something that might take time, since, at least as I see it, Game Freak keeps taking small steps forward with each generation, instead of daring leaps that break the stalemate the games are at right now.

    Only time will tell with this one.

  2. I quite enjoyed pokemon sword and shield – I thought it was better than pokemon sun and moon at least (which were the first games in the entire series that I didnt enjoy), but I do think that there are a few things that could be added to improve the game. For example:
    • Dungeons
    • Secret areas
    • Puzzles involving more ways of blocking off areas than just water (in earlier games they had strength, cut and rock smash puzzles, not to mention some of the other puzzles they had in gold/silver and ruby/sapphire/emerald that involved decoding braille messages, using pokemon moves and items in specific places, tide and current puzzles and having specific pokemon in your party)
    And while I thought the battle system was fine as it was, I felt that some of the earlier battles (especially the rival battles) were a little too easy. (The first rival battle practically handed the victory to you on a doilied silver platter)

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