The New BittBoy Pocket Go Review – IPS Display L & R 900Mhz CPU

This is the all-new Pocket Go from the people who bought us the BittBoy and The New BittBoy! In this video, I take a look at this awesome little emulation handheld and I have to say I really love it!
with a similar form factor the original Game Boy Advance this is my new favorite Retro emulation Handheld so far.

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Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus:
Flirc Case:

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35 thoughts on “The New BittBoy Pocket Go Review – IPS Display L & R 900Mhz CPU

  1. Can someone please explain to me how this thing has a port of Streets of Rage Remake? I've been wanting to play this on a handheld device for some time!

  2. I'm enjoying my RS97 coolbaby, but the brightness button broke and now I can't access the menu for the NeoGeo games which sucks. No quicksave or exiting the emulator without a reset. I can play some simple PS1 games which is great, probably similar to this. But this looks like a more premium unit so I'm tempted. No neogeo pocket color unfortunately though.

  3. i just ordered one, this is so beautiful to play gb/gbc/gba, waiting to psp emulation now, i'm not interested in console/pc games on those pocket devices, i would rather play them on a pc or tv

  4. Got mine in the mail and works great. Problem is…. it's WAY TOO DAMN SMALL. How am I supposed to play my higher end graphic games staring at that small screen? Wish I knew before I ordered it..

  5. Can you tell me exactly which battery this requires?
    I'm considering buying it along with a couple of extra batteries. Thanks.

  6. I mostly want this for Zelda games (I've never played any, I should fix that), Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 (Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana) and first generation Pokémon games.
    I bet Pokémon will run fine, but I'm a bit worried about SNES performance, have you tried any of the Zelda or Seiken Densetsu games on the SNES? And if it's not great do you have any alternative recommendations? I find it a bit hard to keep track 😛

  7. I think folks are way to picky about these emulators, they operate fine for me.

    The one thing I'd like to see, is easier accessible cheats for all emulators, not just GB.

  8. This is great and all but I just got a PSP Go for about $45 and nothing beats it at that price. It plays everything that the Pocket Go plays on a much larger screen (3.8 inch), is incredibly light (148 gr), has 16 GB internal memory enough for thousands of retro games, also able to play hundreds of PS1 games flawlessly in addition to its own hundreds of PSP games. Nothing can beat that at $45.

  9. How do you get 900 mhz? Mine still runs at 703. Streets of rage runs slow and snes also but neogeo gba and others run great….. any help would be appreciated cause I love the pocket go

  10. I have an identical system I picked up off a Chinese merchant on ebay, but it says MIYOO on the bottom edge whereas the one in this video says POCKET-GO. As for the software, the interface and included emulators are very similar. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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