Top 6 Smart Tv ,LG TV vs. Samsung vs. Sony |LG SM9000 NanoCell 65-inch 4K HDR Smart TV Review

OLED screens have become the current gold standard in the smartphone space, but such panels are far more expensive to manufacture at the scale needed for TVs. We’ve been big fans of the technology for a while now but OLED TVs are still priced at a significant premium, and are indeed accessible only to buyers with very big budgets. If you’re looking at better value for money or just want the biggest TV you can get without spending a huge amount, it’s advisable to stick to LED screens for now.
It’s possible to buy a 55-inch 4K HDR LED TV for under Rs. 40,000 today, but the big brands such as LG still command a premium for various reasons, including the promise of better performance and features that aren’t seen on budget TVs. The LG SM9000 NanoCell series, which we are reviewing today, is one such TV range. The LG SM9000 range is available in two sizes — 55-inch for Rs. 1,74,990 and 65-inch for Rs. 2,64,990, which we review here. Is the LG SM9000 NanoCell series worth such a significant premium over much of the competition? We find out in our review.
LG SM9000 NanoCell design and specifications
With modern TVs, we feel that the best look is a minimalist one that makes the screen the centre of your attention. The LG SM9000 series does exactly that, with thin borders all around the screen. The bottom border is the same width as the sides and top, and there are no brand logos on the front of the TV. The massive 65-inch screen of the LG 65SM9000 was indeed its most striking factor, and made for a largely distraction-free viewing experience.We quite liked the smooth, featureless back of the TV as well, even though it’s not something users will have to look at a lot. The TV is very slim on the whole, and even the bulge towards the middle is not quite as thick as we see on most TVs. If you’re wall-mounting this TV, you’ll have a small gap between it and the wall. One set of ports face sideways to the left of the screen, while others face the rear. All the ports and sockets were quite difficult to access, not just because of their positions but also because of the size of the TV,samsung vs lg,lg,tv,lg vs samsung,lg tv,samsung tv,lg vs samsung tv,lg vs samsung 4k tv,samsung vs lg tv,samsung vs lg 4k tv,lg smart tv,lg oled vs samsung 4k,lg oled vs samsung qled,lg uk6300 vs samsung nu7100,lg eg9600 vs samsung js9500,smart tv,lg c9 oled vs samsung q90r qled,samsung led tv,samsung qled,sony,lg,lg tv,tv,sony vs lg tv,sony vs lg 4k tv,lg vs sony,best 4k tv,sony 4k,sony oled,4k tv,lg e8 vs sony x900e,lg oled,lg nanocell tv 2019,tv comparison,lg sk8500 vs sony 8500f,sony tv,sony vs lg oled,sony a1 vs lg c7,best led tv,samsung tv,sony x950g vs lg e9,mi vs thomson tv,sony bravia,sony z9f,4k tv sony,sony a9g oled tv,sony x950g,best smart tv,oled tv,best tv,cheap,smart tv,cheap and best 4k android tv box,tv,best tv,best 4k tv,cheap 4k android tv box,cheap 4k tv,best led tv,android tv,android tv box,led tv,best tv box,cheap and best android 4k tv box 2018,tv box,best tv boxes,best budget 4k tv,cheap 4k tv review,best 4k tv for gaming,best budget android tv box,cheap and best sarees in chennai,best cheap android tv box,oneplus tv,oneplus smart tv,oneplus,oneplus tv price,oneplus tv launch date,oneplus tv unboxing,oneplus tv leaks,oneplus tv launch,oneplus tv ad,oneplus tv review,oneplus 7,oneplus smart tv price,oneplus tv release date,oneplus 4k tv,oneplus tv launch date in india,oneplus live tv,oneplus tv specs,oneplus tv hands on,oneplus android tv,oneplus tv official,oneplus tv features,netflix,amazon prime,hotstar


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