5 thoughts on “Tour of Smilebasic 4”

  1. Have you messed around at all with fuze4? Also, I’d like a video about the differences between GOSUB and functions, and why you would use one over the other.

  2. Some Questions:

    #1 So would SB4 support a USB Keyboard, if docked on the TV … correct?

    #2 What is the compatibility of SB4 with Smile BASIC on 3DS? *(and Smile BASIC Big on Wii U)
    I assume that there is no 3D command since the Switch has no 3D output *(LABO VR), but is that the only thing missing on this release? (Because if it is compatible your tutorials should still work.)

    #3 Do you have news on how soon this will be avalible in English?

    #4 On the Japanise E-shop there are two versions of Simle BASIC 4. What is the difference between them? (Other than the price.)

    #5 I saw that Labo piano was supported in a video published by them 4 months ago. Has there been any word on Labo VR support? *(again given the 3DS had 3D support.)

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