Two D-Pads?? 8Bitdo Lite Gamepad Review for Nintendo Switch and PC

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – 8bitdo just released a really unique twin d-pad controller that works with both the Switch and PC. It’s not for everyone or every game but it is better than I expected. See more 8bitdo: and subscribe!
00:53 – Price and hardware overview
01:07 – Switch or X-Input mode
01:46 – Dual d-pads and overall controls
02:37 – Button feel
03:42 – Shoulder and trigger buttons
04:10 – Control mapping – digital vs. analog controls
04:42 – L3 / R3 Stick Click By Pressing Down on D-PAD
05:59 – No rumble or motion controls
06:19 – Gameplay: Zelda Link’s Awakening
07:07 – Gameplay: Twin Stick Shooter Xeno Crisis
08:16 – Gameplay: Zelda Breath of the Wild
10:16 – Input lag / latency
12:10 – Conclusion
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20 thoughts on “Two D-Pads?? 8Bitdo Lite Gamepad Review for Nintendo Switch and PC”

  1. I'd rather have 3ds analogue sticks (or touch sensitive ones, like on the steam controller) and a real dpad instead of the button dpad.
    Also Link's Awakening is the go to game to say those gamepads are okay. This is one game, which other one failed to include a true dpad option? Also that explains the left dpad, which game would benefit from the right dpad?
    Also also: why no gyro? The zero2 was way smaller and had gyro (wills that ever come out BTW?)

  2. Does this controller work on iOS 13 in xinput mode using the hidden pairing technique (settings -> accessibility -> switch control -> switches -> Bluetooth devices)?

  3. As if 2 d-pads wasn't odd enough, they both click and function as L3 and R3. Aside from that surprising feature, I do like the design of it as it reminds me of a portable handheld from the back.

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