Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Space Harrier | SEGA AGES Switch Review

The chosen time has come. It’s once again time for another batch of SEGA AGES Switch games with a review of Wonder Boy: Monster Land and Space Harrier. Is Wonder Boy worth your eShop credit, or just your Gold Coins? Why haven’t you imported Space Harrier yet? These are the deep questions.

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10 thoughts on “Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Space Harrier | SEGA AGES Switch Review”

  1. I think space harrier is the number one classic Sega game I don’t “get”. Maybe it’s because I have only played it on Sega collections where I have so many other games to play but I just don’t see what makes it so great. I just see it as a pseudo 3D shooter with a weird view.

  2. I might have to cave and pick up Space Harrier, I've always meant to but now seems like the time. Plus it'll look nice next to the Sonic 1 AGES release you forced me to buy!

  3. i feel kind of bad for asking but would any knowledge of the og wonder boy be necessary for playing wonder boy: dragons trap? i fall directly into the category of "likes the style of old side scrolly games but hates the difficulty" but dont know whether its closely tied to an overall story or not

    Hella Good Video too btw……

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