WRC 8 Nintendo Switch Review – Easily THE BEST Rally Game!

World Rally Championship FIA 8 on Nintendo Switch is the best simulation rally racing on the Nintendo Switch right now. Why? Let’s find out!

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49 thoughts on “WRC 8 Nintendo Switch Review – Easily THE BEST Rally Game!

  1. NB: the engine looks to be the same one used in Vrally 4. I'd say the perfmance is the key area I'm scoring here which is decent. I could have been harsher, it doesn't change how great this game is. Much better than Vrally 4 on Switch.

    Edit: the release date is for the EU release I think this may be a touch later (19th perhaps?)
    Hey SwitchUp Family – Jace and I worked together to bring you this one. Are you a fan of the series? Let us know down in the comments if you’ll be picking this one up! Mark

  2. the graphics at the opening looks so good, until the switch game play pop up that is…
    I assume the opening graphics quality is actually the ps4, XBONE and PC version.

  3. Been itching to get this game since they said it was coming out on Switch.
    Have WRC5 on the PS Vita when it came out and was a fun game to play on handheld then.

  4. This game needs gamecube controller analogue trigger support. Its only currently being supported by Grid and one of the Trials games.

    In fact, Nintendo should just allow analogue triggers to be accessible on pro controllers. Would love to use something like an Xbox or playstation pad via adapter (or 8bitDo's pro plus).

  5. Actually, there is a WRC on 3ds, this is not teh first game of the series on nintendo console. Do a review abou super street race on nintendo switch

  6. Always loved rally games especially when this much detail is put into it.unlike other racing games with thousands of nitros rally has always been relatable because we know it happens in real life.subscribe and will purchase this as soon as it's available.

  7. Nice review. I noticed it in the upcoming games on the e-shop recently and hoped it would be a decent port, but I'm also a bit surprised it hasn't been mentioned at all. Nintendo need to have many more Directs now that all these games are coming out, to little or no mention at all! I'm still having fun with Grid Autosport and the Witcher 3 is taking most my playtime, so I'll put this on hold for a bit, but I'll be sure to pick it up eventually 🙂

  8. Not sure about this,the pop-in its terrible,not as much as v rally but still very bad,graphically it should look miles better than for exemple dirt 3 of PS3/360 but it doesn't..

  9. Great review, I love racing games on the switch. Im still playing Grid which is an amazing port on the switch. I also have V rally 4, which is an ok port but heavily downgraded and it could have looked and ran better on the switch hardware, so it was a somewhat disappointment. But WRC8 looks amazing just like Grid, so its a must buy for me.

  10. Looks like its a great game, but grid beats it in every single aspect IMO. Graphics, audio, performance, price, size, etc.

  11. Great review! Got mine Pre Ordered here in the UK, Will be Interesting to see If the My Pre Order includes the Deluxe Edition DLC as no where in the UK Except the Switch eShop has that advertised so It may be a Digital only bundle. Just out of Interest does It have a Gamecube Controller Setting in the Settings menu like GRID Autosport does? Allowing for Analog Throttle/Brake?

  12. Thanks for the review!
    Is there support for GameCube analogue triggers. I prefer not to use digital trigger in simulation racing games, were precision is key.

  13. Great work as always you guys! If I can only afford one game over the weekend, do I go with this or Horizon Chase Turbo? I loved both reviews and I’m unsure. Thanks!

  14. I like the fact you can make it easier for less experienced Rally gamers.
    I’ve got V-Rally 4, which seems to have a wider range of racing types. I especially enjoy the races against other cars, than just racing the clock.
    It’s good to see the Switch getting another well received racing game though 😊

  15. Mark, not sure if the video is of you or Jace, but someone needs work on the braking skills! I think I will wait for a sale to consider this only because I prefer asphalt or concrete racing. I'll go ahead and give you permission to use my following comment on your next, buy, sale, avoid video.

    This game is most likely a must buy for racing fans because you are getting one of the most realistic rally racers out there. You may even be getting the most realistic racing games when comparing to the real form currently available on the Switch. But for those that may not gravitate to rally style racing, it's definitely a must buy on sale!

  16. Nice stuff Mark and Jace! Used to Sesh one of these on the PS2 back in the day. Pleasantly surprised- onto the wish list!

  17. Hmm, I expected this game to look a bit better. Doesnt even seem close to Grid. Besides that still really want to pick it up as I'm a big sim race fan haha. Cheers for the review lads!

  18. How can grid autosport can look soo good with almost constant 30 fps in graphics mode and 60 fps in performance mode. But others cant do it. The popups holy moly….

    Grid looks even better in performance mode then this. But ill would buy it still bcause im a huge racing fan haha. In a sale perhaps. Awesome review guys best channel in youtube if you have a switch

  19. Glad to see the port is OK!
    I've never been a racing game fan until WRC4 on the Vita, which hooked me on to Rally games.
    You should try Dirt Rally on PSVR, it's great fun driving after your door's been torn off!

  20. I’m also not normally one for rally games but I admit this intrigues me. The price is probably too much for me to take the plunge though but I’ll keep an eye on it.

    Ironically the team management and progression aspects attract me just as much as the actual racing. It seems good to have other things to do.

    Great review guys…but maybe review Garfield Kart Furious Racing for the next one so our wallets can have a break? That one seems like a Glen video for sure.

  21. No offence… A racing fan but I'm skipping this… Grid is pretty satisfying… Gotta save up for nino kuni, pokemon and next with outerworld.otherwise awesome review… Cuz I'm still tempted to get wrc haha.

  22. Oh man… The short rendering distance bugs me more than I'd like… I wish they had optimised it better.

    Everything else is solid

  23. Great review Jace and Mark. Seems like a lot of content in this game. I’m no petrol head but this game still looks very nice 👍.

  24. Hello switch up. Before I watch this, how's the frame rate? I bought wrc 5 &. 6 on ps store and the framerate is so bad that I can't play it. I want some great racers for switch. I just bought grid for switch bought 2 days ago and it's really good. I actually have it set to performance mode and I do notice a fair amound of frame drops, especially when your in the middle of the pack, around other cars but it's doable. Hope wrc 8 has a demo.

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