Xiaomi Mi 9T Gaming Review

The Xiaomi Mi 9T/K20 is one of the greatest midrange flagships on the market right now. It has the Snapdragon 730, 6GBs of RAM, and a cool popup camera. The question is, how does it game. In this video I talk about how the device feels while gaming and some performance numbers in a few games.

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24 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 9T Gaming Review

  1. Please! Upload a video installing TWRP and Xiaomi.eu, now many people have problems with it… Thanks for all bro!

  2. If you really wanna buy this phone .. Just go for it, it's awesome but you really wanna feel good then customize it with some basic stuffs like cpl launcher gcam etc ..

  3. Can u guys make a app to make Ur Android phone have system dark mode ( like android Q ) with out any root, please. Thanks.

  4. This guy being the face of xda is a joke. His reviews are bad, unstructured and uninformative at best, and misleading or straight up false the rest of the time. I can call him out on so many videos where I am not even informed about the topic he's talking about. You can find an intern that does this job twice as good in a week, I don't know how this dude is still employed.

  5. Shouldn't "gaming review" involve actual gameplay in different settings and not bs benchmarks? How about battery life? Sound?
    I honestly don't know how this guy is still making videos for xda, makes the absolute worst reviews I have ever seen.

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