☑️ How to hack Alien shooter 2 Reloaded | Trick | How to active Cheat code | Hack | All tips

Below all cheat code. please enjoy. 🙂
Remove Gamma Type ‘remgamma’
Level Skip Type ‘stwnn’
1,000 HP Type ‘cheath’
15,000 HP Type ‘st1’
Invincibility Type ‘st2’
Ammunition Type ‘stammo’
For Next Level type ‘cheatexp’ or ‘stexp’
+50 Speed Skill Type ‘cheats’
+100 Weapons Reloading Skills Type ‘cheatw’
Kill ALL Monsters within 1,000 Pixels Type ‘stkk’
Kill ALL Monsters on Map Type ‘stk9’
+50,000 Money Type ‘stgod’
+10,000 Money Type ‘cheatm’ or ‘stm’

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