All Jumpscares (Part III) – Welcome To The Game II

Welcome To The Game II Jumpscare Compilation #003
Part I:
Part II:
All jumpscares in the game, including such as the Lucas lobby jumpscare. Enjoy!

In this video:
– Welcome To The Game 2 Song “The Game” –
by Rockit Gaming –
– Worst SWAT Raid in History? – Parody –
by Mike The Cop –

Game Infobox
Title: Welcome To The Game II – The Game Has Just Begun
Developer/Publisher: Reflect Studios
First Release: 04th April 2018
Genre: Horror/Simulation
Platform: Steam

KotzwurstPro 2018


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29 thoughts on “All Jumpscares (Part III) – Welcome To The Game II

  1. This is the most fucking stupid game ever. As for Lucas the stupid fucking agent 047 rippoff, I don't know what bullshit gibberish he says before killing you

  2. 0:17 Everyone's wondering why Lucas doesn't get arrested for being a hitman,While I'm wondering how he closed the door with no arns,And why the Fbi didn't instantly assume that he was Clint and attempt to arrest him.

    (Jk it's just a game)

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