5 thoughts on “Avalanche Review Game 25: Avs 5, Blackhawks 2, Comphcago”

  1. The Avs hit a lot of posts because they AIM for the posts. The laws of physics say that 75% of pucks hitting the post will bounce out. You have to hit the very inside of the iron to get a "good" post.

  2. Twice now that MacKinnon's point total could well have been higher if the other team hadn't already been buried before the third period even began. Also Rudo, could you PLEASE use a little of your clout and power to cause our Central Division competitors to actually lose a game now & then?! Seems they've forgotten that is still an option. (insert red mad face). BTW, I'm taking my daughter to the game tonight. Love the hockey chemistry between the Avs & Hawks (for years).

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