Best URL Structure for SEO – Categories (WordPress)

We show you what the best URL structure is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how to implement it on your WordPress business website.

Permalink Structure:

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12 thoughts on “Best URL Structure for SEO – Categories (WordPress)

  1. What about domain/blog/category/post-name? Is that structure ok? I usually try to be no more than 3 levels deep for SEO but that would be 4 and seems unavoidable unless you don't include the blog page in the url. domain/category/post-name the category page can still have an internal link to the blog page. In my case, the blog page will be optimized for its keyword which includes blog. Like if you where creating a blog site for whiskey. whiskydude dot com/whiskey-blog/irish-whiskey/jameson or somehting like that. In this case there are three options. Make the home page also the blog page which I don't prefer, include the blog, category and post in the url or don't include the blog page in the url. Which is best for SEO? Please advise. Thanks

  2. hi. great tutorial. i have a question. if i add a new post to my wordpress site and on catagories if i chose two categories at a time is it good for seo?
    lets say im posting a topic about android. and on categories i have a parent category called Android and child category called Android tips and tricks. if i add my new post to these 2 categories. is it gonna be good for SEo?

  3. Hello i have no idea how to remove all this stuff from my urls? shows the products categories themes info everything and my urls are way to long?

  4. i want this custom structure as my Category base – /topics/%category%/%post-name%/
    Is this a valid structure? should i proceed?

  5. What if my site is comprised of pages instead of posts and my permalinks are set as "post-name", which yields /url/pagetitle/ all at that one level. Is this SEO friendly?

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