12 thoughts on “Channellock vs Crescent Adjustable Wrench compairison!”

  1. I bought a Crescent (made in China) adjustable wrench a year or so ago and am not happy at all. That wrench has so much slop and play it's worthless to me. Thanks for the review – I'll try the Channellock.

  2. I was wishing for a big adjustable wrench yesterday. Had a 1 11/16 nut to bust. Didn't have the right size box wrench, none of the adjustables I had opened wide enough. My Knipex plier-wrench was also too small. Pretty frustrating. Could have used a 24" pipe wrench, but didn't want to mar the fastener. Ended up with a 100yo Ford monkey wrench. Smooth parallel jaws. Worked great. Knew it would come in handy one day! I'll take a look at the Channellocks in the vid. My favorite adjustable is an older 12" Williams, probably from the '70s. Superb craftsmanship. It truly is beautifully made. I also have a pair of newer Gearwrench adjustables – a 8" and a 10". Really not bad at all.

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