12 thoughts on “Channellock vs Crescent Adjustable Wrench compairison!”

  1. Voy a tener que conseguir esta herramienta Española, ya que es de una marca muy deseada en pinzas. Joder tio! Me cago en la ostia! Original Spanish is a language suitable for cartoons.

  2. I won't to buy the channel lock brand of adjustable wrenches but nobody in Edmond or Guthrie Oklahoma carries those I've looked at Westlake Ace Hardware I've looked at Home Depot I've looked at Lowe's Tractor Supply Co the reason I say that is because we do not have a Do It Best hardware store in Edmond or Oklahoma City because I live in Guthrie and I don't buy anything online at all I do not buy anything from eBay at all about 5 months ago at our flea market here in Jeffrey in our small town a woman was selling a bunch of tools and she had a number 6 in and a number 12 in Channellock adjustable wrenches I picked them up I looked at them then I decided that I didn't have very much money so I wanted to look at all the vendor's booth at the flea market before I came back by this way before I left and when I came back and tried to look for him there was a couple of men there that had a whole stack for tools and I think they grab them and I was so mad at myself but I couldn't hardly stand it now ever since I've been beating myself up for not buying them but we are going this Friday to Stillwater and I'm going to try to go to they're Stillwater Building Company that is associated with do it best franchise hardware store if they're open because they're a small independent lumber yard and building material place and it's possible that they may be closed so that their employees can go shopping on Black Friday but if they're open I'm going to buy a set of Channellock adjustable wrenches and I really want a set very badly and hope I can get some pretty soon

  3. I have USA crescent wrenches. 10 and 12in. I wouldn't buy the China at all. Few guys at work have the channelocks made in Spain and I like them they few times I've used em

  4. The channel lock is worth the $$ ,,,,but I prefer the wright Spud wrench and the Spud crescent wrench I have both and never had a issue,,with either of them and also have the wright 1/2 ratchet Spud !!! That's better than any ratchet out there today😋😋😋

  5. I have a Bahco made in spain, exactly like that channellock. Good stuff.
    I think now bahco and a lot of spanish tool manufacturers are part of Apex tool group

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